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Why Heroin is So Addictive
Heroin is addictive partly because it crosses the blood-brain barrier almost instantly after use, especially when it's injected rather than inhaled.
Using Methadone
Using Methadone for Heroin Detox
Methadone is a synthetic opiate that mimicks many of the physical effects of heroin, making it a good support drug for people trying to beat addiction.
Why Opioids Are Addictive
Why Opioids Are Addictive
Even though the bulk of opioid addicts get their drugs illicitly, a significant number of people become addicted because of normal prescription use.
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Addiction to any substance is a sensitive subject, and we hope the path that led you to our site will also lead you to a safe, healthy recovery. Since January, 2008, our forum, the Suboxone Doctor Help Spot has been a place where patients and potential patients could ask questions, share their stories, and get honest advice and feedback from other people in similar situations. There is no judgment, and privacy is respected.

This summer, we're pleased to announce that we're expanding the site. The forum will still be there, and we encourage you to continue using it, but in addition there will be resources to help you find doctors who specialize in the use of suboxone and addiction recovery. We'll also be sharing articles about different versions of the drug, different therapies being tried, and other information about what's new, interesting, and innovative in this field.

Is there something you'd really love to see us add? Please let us know. Is there a doctor you love or hate? Tell us about them. We want our content to be reflective of the people who have already shared their journeys at the Help Spot, as well as those who are new to the community. Of course, we have to remind you that we're not doctors, and won't be giving any medical advice. What we will give is access to information and the ability connect with other suboxone patients and those who work with them.