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How to Detox from Vicodin

How to Detox from Vicodin

It would be easy to say that the way to detox from vicodin is to stop taking it, but when it comes to addiction and recovery, the easy way usually doesn't work. That being said, there are three basic ways to detox from vicodin: natural, medical, and suboxone. Here's a breakdown of how they work.

Natural Detox

Natural detox generally involves a "cold turkey" approach to ending reliance on vicodin. Not only do you stop taking the drug immediately, but you also have to refrain from taking any other medications while you're in detox. This is because natural medicine believes that all drugs - even things like aspirin - are toxins, and that if you're trying to end a medical condition based on a high toxicity level, like vicodin addiction, the last thing you should do is add more toxins.

Instead, the idea is to flush all toxins from your system as simply and effectively as possible, but this does not mean you shouldn't have some medical support. Having a doctor monitor your natural vicodin withdrawal can ensure that you push fluids when you need to and get adequate rest. In addition to sleep, natural vicodin detoxification works best if you eat a diet of organic foods, and engage in gentle exercise. If withdrawal symptoms are overwhelming psychological support may be in order, but acupuncture and acupressure may also help reduce physical symptoms.

Medical Detox

Medical detoxification from vicodin still requires a cold turkey approach to the drug itself, but offers medical support to control withdrawal symptoms. For example, if you're nauseous, you'll be given an anti-emitic (anti-nausea) medication, and if you become dehydrated you may be given IV (intra-venous) fluids.

Medical detox is usually done on an in-patient basis, which means you have to check yourself into a hospital or residential treatment center, but the bulk of the work is done fairly rapidly, over a course of three to five days. After that some people continue their detox on home, with periodic visits to their doctors, while others remain in residential care.

Suboxone Detox

Suboxone detox is the heavy-hitting version of vicodin detox. Also used to help people withdraw from heroin (both vicodin and heroin are opiates - opium based drugs), suboxone is an opioid drug that also contains a chemical compound which blocks withdrawal symptoms. As well suboxone cannot make you high, so the likelihood of abuse is fairly low.

With this treatment method, you stop taking vicodin immediately, but substitute it with suboxone, which you can then wean yourself from. Suboxone detox is almost always completed on an inpatient basis, usually at a residential treatment facility rather than an actual hospital.

While suboxone detox is extremely successful, it can be expensive, as insurance does not generally cover the cost of this medication.

When determining which method of detox is best for you, the key is to examine your lifestyle and your support system, and to worth with your doctor to tailor a plan to your needs. Whichever method you choose, beating vicodin is possible, and is worth any withdrawal symptoms you may experience.

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