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Suboxone Doctors in Cincinnati OH

Looking for Suboxone Doctors in Cincinnati OH. You can browse our directory of doctors and find one local to you. If you or a loved one has a problem with heroin or vicodin addiction, you know that the decision to seek treatment is a difficult one. People who know what you're going through will either judge you, or offer so much sympathy that the sweetness will be more of a hazard than the chemicals in your system. Finding a doctor to help you through treatment in your city, then, is vitally important.

Here at we know what you're going through, which is why we have a directory of doctors across the country who can give you medically-assisted addiction therapy close to your home in Cincinnati OH. This will allow you to have the support of family and friends, as well as save you the cost of a residential rehabilitation facility.

In addition to helping you find a doctor to work with, we also offer a host of articles about using suboxone to treat opiate addiction, including why and how it works, and what the side effects are likely to be. As well, we offer the Help Spot, a user-directed forum where you can connect with other people who are also dealing with substance addiction, some of whom may be at the same stage of treatment that you are, and none of whom will judge you or your choices.

Whether you've already begun treatment and want to change doctors, or are just starting the process, we can connect you with the perfect medical partner for your therapy.

Below are local general doctors in your area. The below doctors DO NOT specialize in Suboxone. To find a doctor who specializes in Suboxone please click here

Health Care For Women Inc
1728 Chase Ave
Cincinnati  OH  45223-2013

4631 Ridge Ave
Cincinnati  OH  45209-1028

Babies Milk Fund
231 Bethesda Ave
Cincinnati  OH  45229-2827

Disability & Occupational Cons
7276 Hamilton Ave
Cincinnati  OH  45231-5112

University-Cincinnati College
231 Albert Sabin Way
Cincinnati  OH  45267-0001

Antonio S Bondoc MD
3352 Jefferson Ave
Cincinnati  OH  45220-2132

Beacon Orthopedics
500 E Business Way
Cincinnati  OH  45241-2374

Over The Rhine Medi-Center
308 Reading Rd # 102
Cincinnati  OH  45202-1369

Speaking Of Womens Health
625 Eden Park Dr # 200
Cincinnati  OH  45202-6057

Hematology Oncology
P.O. BOX 0501
Cincinnati  OH  45267-0001

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